Recipe of the month contest... Send your favorite recipe using Season with Reason to or post on our FB page.  Each month we'll choose one winner who will recieve a free bottle of Season with Reason.


Season with Reason is a versatile seasoning that can be used on meats, fish, vegetables, bread and even eggs.  It has NO MSG and is low in sodium.

Meats:  Use as a rub for grilling or smoking pork, beef or chicken.  Sprinkle in with ground beef as you brown it for soups or chili.  Shake a little on chicken before baking.  A dusting on ground meat headed for the grill makes your burgers pop with flavor.

Fish: Put a good dusting on any fish before grilling, baking or frying.

Vegetables: Sprinkle some on green beans, before you cook them.  Shake some on asparagus lightly coated with olive oil and grill for a few minutes.  Try some in potato salad.  It's great on grilled corn too!!!!

Eggs:  Our new favorite is mixing a little in with our scrambled eggs.  WOW!  What a taste changer! 

Bread: Sprinkle a little on bread for a wonderful tasting "garlic bread"

SWR 5-2 oz Bottle


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